7 November 2019



Trentside Fixings are an independent distributor for the construction industry and allied trades, providing a one-stop-shop for fixings, fastenings, containment and PPE since 1997. Historically Trentside Fixings had supplied gloves to specific customers when asked and as such hand protection was not really a core category within their product range.

The company has an enviable reputation for outstanding customer service, serving customers right across the UK from their offices and Warehousing in Nottingham. It was inevitable that customers started to look towards Trentside Fixings to be able to supply an extended product range, which eventually began to include personal protective equipment. Gloves were a bit of a challenge as many of the manufacturers were already embedded with key distribution partners. It was often the case that when companies such as Trentside Fixings approached a glove manufacturer for direct supply that they would be encouraged to buy gloves form these existing distribution channels, leading to challengers with a lack of technical support and noncompetitive price points.  


Three years ago Trentside Fixings went out to the market to look for a glove manufacturer to partner with who could offer unrivalled product quality, technical support and most importantly field based sales support. After careful consideration Traffi was selected. Since partnering with Traffi this has allowed Trentside Fixings to be more proactive in developing their hand protection sales. Traffi offer next day delivery, meaning Trentside Fixings can operate on a just in time basis, reducing the necessity for customers to hold large stocks of various different gloves. 

Traffi offer a glove partner support program. They train a distributors sales team on glove selection, the technical attributes of different coatings & glove yarns and the relevant legislative changes which apply to gloves used to protect against mechanical hazards.


We spoke to Daniel Bird, Business Development Manager at Trentside Fixings who said:

"Working with Traffi has enabled us to become product advisors with respect to hand protection. We no longer offer ‘me too’ solutions but regularly work with our customers to solve hand protection challenges. We have seen a significant increase in sales from gloves which has opened up other business opportunities for us.”

Alf Martin, Traffi National Sales Manager commented ‘ It has been an absolute pleasure working with Trentside. The rewards from their hard work, professionalism and enthusiasm to exceed their customer’s expectations are clearly defined by their increased sales revenue from the gloves category’.

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