11 November 2015


With the HSE reporting that the construction industry accounted for 31% of fatal injuries to employees during 2013/14, TraffiGlove has released its Construction Hand Protection brochure, in order to help reduce hand accidents in the sector.

Designed to help companies meet health and safety goals by ensuring adequate hand safety in the construction sector, the new brochure combines the very latest hand safety information along with success stories and details of industry trends.  With greater details on handling injuries and skin conditions caused as a result of not wearing gloves, alongside TraffiGlove case studies and glove testing results, the new construction brochure provides plenty of statistics to reinforce just how important wearing the right protection can be.

The colour-coded TraffiSafe System invented by TraffiGlove provides a simple and straightforward method toward hand safety. The three colours used - red (low cut protection), amber (medium cut protection) and green (high cut protection) reduce the complexity when it comes to ensuring that the right gloves are being used for certain tasks. The traffic-light colour coding system offers a quick and simple way to tell at a glance and from a distance that workers are using the correct gloves, regardless of language. It therefore makes it easier to ensure health and safety across an entire site.

The Construction Sector brochure from TraffiGlove is designed to help improve health and safety awareness. We have done this by gathering the latest information, industry trends and success stories from within the construction industry to help companies reach their health and safety goals. As a leader in health and safety innovation, TraffiGlove aspires to provide the best possible protection to workers who require safety gloves.

Franz Lorenschitz, Marketing Manager for TraffiGlove

Established in 2008, TraffiGlove is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of PPE safety gloves and is committed to promoting hand safety using a combination of innovative product design and hands-on safety training. View our online brochure, or find out more about our system.

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