22 September 2016

TraffiGlove Provide Safety To Tyco Security

TYCO Security chose to use TraffiGlove a few years ago to take on the responsibility of protecting their workforce from the dangers of hand related injuries during on-site work.

Over the years TraffiGlove have provided the TYCO Security workforce with advice on wearing the correct gloves on a variety of projects, to ensure safety is the number one priority.

When listening to TYCO Security’s needs, TraffiGlove’s specialists suggested they use the TG350 and TG562, with the appropriate cut level for the following tasks (Cut Level 1 offers the lowest cut protection, whilst Cut Level 5 provides the highest):

  • Cable pulling (Cut Level 5)
  • Moving heavy items such as ladders (Cut Level 5)
  • Connecting cabling to alarm panels (Cut Level 3 - fingerless)

We moved to TraffiGlove a number of years ago to align all parts of the Security operation with the same type of glove. Previously there were various gloves in use that did not meet the practical application of the work undertaken, operatives also failed to wear gloves due to the restrictions they posed and the irritation that caused to the hands. With TraffiGlove, it makes it easy for the operative to select the right glove due to colour size associated with the task. The gloves do not make the hand sweat and the colouring makes it easier for managers and supervisors to confirm if the operatives are wearing the right glove for the task during site visits. With new and future developments in the types of glove TraffiGlove are creating this initial concept can be utilised in the wider Tyco business to reduce hand injuries.

John Barnacle-Bowd, Head of QEHS UK&I and RSA at TYCO UK & Ireland

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