7 August 2013

TraffiGlove protect helping hands at Walthew House

TraffiGloves have been used in a clean-up operation to make the grounds of independent charity, Walthew House, safer and more pleasant for sensory impaired visitors.

Walthew House is an independent local charity that supports those with visual or hearing impairments in Stockport, through an information desk and resource centre, as well as classes and activities.

TraffiGlove donated several TG535 Secure gloves to protect the hands of volunteers from MAN Diesel and Turbo UK Ltd (MDT-UK), as they cleared litter and overgrown vegetation, including broken glass, weeds and brambles. The green, seamless knitted gloves guarded the volunteers’ hands from cuts, punctures, tears and abrasions likely from a garden clearance.

David Rushton, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Manager at MDT-UK said: “TraffiGloves offered excellent protection for the hazards expected.”

Walthew House is MDT-UK’s nominated charity in Stockport for 2013/14. Already this year, the engine after-sales and support provider has raised £580 for Walthew House, from employees competing in the Manchester 10K.

TraffiGlove donated the TG353 Secure gloves as part of its on-going commitment to helping community projects both locally and nationally. Previously, the hand protection specialist has provided free safety gloves to teams carrying out maintenance at local schools, and voluntary workers constructing a community church hall in Carshalton.

A TraffiGlove spokesperson said: “We do a great deal to drive and support positive change – for both those within our organisation and others in the local community. In the future we plan to do even more so that our performance in this area continues to improve.”

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