29 April 2014

TraffiGlove Products Starring On Both BBC Breakfast & BBC News

The BBC report discussed growth in the UK economy for the fifth consecutive period, with manufacturing and construction registering growth for the last quarter. Interviewing Skanska, at one of their large construction sites, workers were seen wearing the TG122 Agile safety glove. With leading organisations such as Skanska and Balfour Beatty embracing the TraffiSafe system we are confident of our continued growth and expansion this year too.

The story was continued on the BBC News at One programme. If you are reading this on 29th-30th April, you will be able to watch the episode on the BBC iPlayer using the link below. You can see the TraffiGlove in action at 9 minutes 46 seconds.


Unfortunately, the link is only active for 24 hours, so we have also shown below images of Skanska MD Katy Dowding and colleagues all wearing TraffiGloves, the BBC breakfast reporter Steph McGovern and an economic expert who were all interviewed. Steph McGovern (@stephbreakfast) also tweeted about her excitement for the PPE she was provided including TraffiGloves, whilst she was filming with St Paul's cathedral in the background.

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