18 March 2014


We spotted Richard Di Cani, Director of Transport Strategy and Planning for Transport for London wearing his TraffiGloves on television.

BBC2’s new programme ‘Mind the Gap’, presented by Evan Davis, explores the economic forces that are polarising Britain and asks what the rest of the country can learn from London's success.  Episode one includes an interview with Richard Di Cani discussing London’s transport infrastructure and the Cross Rail project due to be completed in 2018. We were delighted to see that TFL hands are being protected by TraffiGloves (the TG165 Motion).

As part of our 2014 Hand Safety Report, we discussed how an effective health and safety strategy could do much more than keep employees safe. Whilst some businesses are still struggling following the economic crash, it pays to remember that a proactive health and safety strategy can save money, increase employee productivity and your company’s reputation.

You can see the episode in full on the BBC iPlayer using the link below:


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