15 July 2015

TraffiGlove On A Charity Mission In Nepal

Earlier this year 18 Explorers from Guildford East District Scouts aged from 14-16 left the UK along with five leaders and a big bundle of TraffiGloves to travel to Nepal.

The Explorers were the last of five groups who have travelled to Nepal since 2007. Each group worked with a different remote village to install new water piping and standing taps giving the communities access to fresh water every day and making a real difference to their lives.

This year’s group travelled to the far-flung village of Gumda, in the Gorkha region of the country, which has around 1000 inhabitants and almost no infrastructure.

The group was delighted to take a range of TraffiGloves with them to help protect their hands whilst digging pipe trenches and laying piping. When the box-load of gloves arrived there was great excitement over which gloves would go to which Explorer. The remaining gloves were packed in the kit bags to hand out to villagers.

When they left for their trek back to Kathmandu, the Explorers gave their supply of TraffiGloves to the villagers so they could continue working safely.

Just 10 days after their return, the Nepal earthquake struck. The epicentre was only 10 km away from Gumda and the group spent an anxious week whilst emergency services tried to make their way through to the village. The water piping survived and the taps were still standing so the people had access to crucial fresh water. 

Since then the group has set up further fundraising to help Gumda and the other expedition villages rebuild. First to be re-built are the schools, so children can have shelter from the current monsoon season.

A huge thank you to TraffiGlove from all the Explorers, leaders and villagers for your generous donation. It’s extremely likely that your gloves are still protecting Nepalese villagers as they start to put their lives back together.

Bernard Pentecost, the expedition leader

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