14 August 2015

TraffiGlove Aids The Task At Hand

VolkerFitzpatrick, one of the UK’s premier rail engineering and construction companies, has turned to TraffiGlove to help kit out some 250 engineers with appropriate hand protection.

Working on the Thameslink Hornsey project in London, VolkerFitzpatrick required appropriate PPE, namely safety gloves, to ensure that those working on site would be adequately protected. As such, TraffiGlove’s TG122 Agile, TG142 Traction, TG385 Grafter and TG595 Glaze were selected, providing various levels of cut protection.

TraffiGlove’s TG595 Glaze is a comfortable, flexible glove which offers high abrasion resistance and a non marking Cohesion XP coating to the palm, offering excellent grip in wet, dry and even oily conditions.The TG595 Glaze offers a cut level 5 rating making it ideal for use when handling sharp or jagged materials where there is a much higher cut risk.

Hand accidents are an occupational hazard in many industries, with up to 40% of all workplace accidents involving hands to some degree. As an industry leading designer and manufacturer of PPE safety gloves, TraffiGlove is committed to helping ensure hand accidents become a thing of the past.

All of our gloves are tested in accordance with EN 388 standards, which tests gloves on a scale of 1 to 5 for blade cut resistance and 1 to 4 for abrasion resistance, tear resistance and puncture resistance. By performing these tests, we know we are providing the industry with reliable, hardwearing gloves, designed specifically for a wide range of tasks

Franz Lorenschitz Marketing Manager TraffiGlove

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