2 September 2015

Think 'Culture', Not 'Compliance' With Safety Gloves

Companies need to comply with prevailing safety legislation, for their own sakes as much as their employees. But focusing on compliance as the end goal will never be enough on its own, as the rules can only legislate for risks that their authors have been able to identify both in general and to date. They will never contain an exhaustive list of ‘dos and don’ts’ for your particular operational environment, tasks and workers.

Better, then, to focus on getting safety ingrained into the culture of your company. Once everyone really understands the risks they and others are exposed to, and how to protect themselves and others from these risks, working safely will become a way of life. Complying with the ‘legislation of the day’ will then be a natural by-product of your everyday practices.

To develop a strong safety culture in your organisation, everyone in your company must be able to see that you:

  1. Understand the rules that apply to your industry and workplace and have systems in place to ensure you comply with them.
  2. Adopt a rigorous and systematic approach to identifying and assessing the risks involved in every task – no matter how mundane – and find appropriate ways to protect people against the risks you have identified.
  3. Educate workers on the specific risks involved in their own and other people’s tasks and communicate clearly how each risk is to be managed, to make individual safety a group concern.
  4. Continuously measure and monitor your own safety performance so you can demonstrate when safety has improved and respond if further action is required.

TraffiGlove helps customers to promote a culture of safety – with hand protection ingrained in the collective subconscious – in many ways. To start with, our gloves are tested and certified to EN388 standards, so the protection they provide is aligned with the requirements listed under EU guidelines. All TraffiGloves are catalogued according to the tasks they are typically used for, making it easy for you to identify the right gloves for your particular needs. Our customer support teams are able to deliver initial training and ongoing toolbox talks covering hand safety and managing the risks associated with particular tasks, to drive the message home. We provide supporting material (posters, leaflets) to maintain the awareness of hand safety. And last but by no means least, the fact that our gloves are colour coded serves as a permanent visual reminder of safety at all times.

Contact us here or call on +44 (0) 1344 207090 for more information on our gloves and the TraffiGlove system.

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