13 October 2020

The UK's first and only glove and hand solution

We're here to protect you and provide you with the tools to protect others to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

TraffiDual, the UK’s first glove and hand solution, providing you with security that you are safe. TraffiDual kills envelope type viruses within 60 seconds after application and will keep you protected for up to 8 hours*. The long-lasting residual effect will enable you to help to stop the spread of viruses and germs across your sites or facilities considerably.

Alongside this TraffiDual contains no alcohol, it is water based which means that it is not flammable and is safe to store. It also is certified to EN1500, the hand rub test, which states the solution is skin friendly.

Watch our video below to see how flammable alcohol gel is compared to TraffiDual:

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*TraffiDual can last up to 8 hours when applied to clean hands.