28 November 2019

The importance of reevalulating your PPE

When you’re a busy, the health and safety needs within your business can change quickly and without you noticing. Before you know it, the protection your offer your staff may no longer be enough to keep them safe as they carry out their daily tasks. That’s why it’s so important to regularly review your PPE!


By being aware of any new technologies available, it’s easier to stop accidents and injuries before they occur; prevention is better than cure. Innovations and new materials are being developed every year and it’s important to be aware of new technologies available. What if there is a product that could do the job better and you miss it? Safety should be your number 1 priority, and this includes staying up to date on the newest and the best available in the market.


Changes in business are inevitable and you should be prepared for them. If anything on site has changed, think about whether this will affect the level of hand injuries; new processes, new staff, new machinery, or equipment could impact the safety of your workers hands. Whilst you won’t have to fully revamp your PPE offering each time something changes, you should always consider whether the change will affect the suitability of your PPE.


Re-evaluating periodically will ensure that you stay compliant to any changes in standards. Check in regularly with OSHA for the latest rules on occupational health. The standards are put in place as a benchmark to keep workers safe; they’re there for a reason, disregard them at your peril!


When conducting a review of your PPE, make sure you ask your staff. These are the people who have to wear the gear that you give them, day in and day out. If they’re uncomfortable or unable to complete their tasks wearing the gloves, they’re more likely to take them off, leading to injuries. Asking their opinion will make them feel valued and by having their buy-in, this removes obstacles to wearing the gloves in the first place; it will give them the chance to raise objections and to explain why what they have is no longer working.


Hand injuries lead to lost time and money, which affects your bottom line. It may seem like overkill, but getting into the habit of reassessing your PPE every year will help you in the long run.

If you’d like to someone about updating your safety gloves, get in touch with a member of our team today!



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