3 February 2014

The Hand Safety Report 2014

To produce the best safety gloves on the market, at TraffiGlove we look at many aspects of hands and their protection.  The Hand Safety Report 2014 gives you insight to our industry research and expertise.

"The Hand Safety Report produced by TraffiGlove is a useful and insightful publication covering many aspects of hands and their respective protection. I would highly recommend this report to any health and safety practitioner, organisation or individual who has an interest in hand safety and protection. It provides the reader with useful reference material along with the opportunity for use as a development tool reflecting and reporting on current hand related industry topics."

Paul Lloyd, Schneider Electric

This publication covers:

  • A guide to hands
  • How to prevent hand irritant contact dermatitis
  • How to protect both permanent and temporary employees and how doing so could save money
  • An introduction to EN388 testing

To request a copy of The Hand Safety Report 2014, please click here.

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