20 November 2015

TG122 Agile Stars On The BBC The One Show

Marty Jopson talked last night during the BBC The One Show about the challenges of repairing the historic Box Tunnel for electrification.

Marty was wearing a bright red pair of TG122 Agile and the safety gloves can be seen from minute 24:44 towards the end of the video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b06p3r67/the-one-show-17112015

The 170 year old tunnel originally built for the Great Western Railway under the direction of Isambard Kingdom Brunel has recently reopened following 6 weeks of work.

Six of tracks had to be lowered to allow enough space for electrical equipment overhead.

More than 10 000 new sleepers have been laid and 160 000 tonnes of rubble removed from the track around Box Tunnel.

TG122 Agile is a lightweight safety glove with a generous cuff length for use in dry conditions. The close fitting design ensures hands can move freely, making it an ideal choice for most general handling tasks. It’s ideal for tasks such as cable terminating and electrical work.

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