11 June 2021

TD02 Sustain- A cleaner journey

Why is the TD02 sustain so much more sustainable than a nitrile disposable glove?

It’s not just the product- it’s the journey too.

To obtain the nitrile (synthetic rubber) there is a huge environmental impact, this is caused by the steam cracking process which produces a huge carbon footprint. Harmful Petrochemicals are released into the atmosphere using 3.5 times more oil than what is required for a rubber tree plantation.

TD02 sustain is a tri polymer disposable glove meaning only a small portion of the disposable glove is made up of nitrile, this means that the percentage of Petrochemicals released into the atmosphere is significantly lower than that of a nitrile disposable glove. 85% less energy is used per tonne to process natural rubber compared to synthetic rubber (nitrile).

Biodegradability of a product hugely impacts the effect on the environment, with the average time for a nitrile disposable glove to biodegrade being 100 years the TD02 offers an effective solution to this issue. TD02’s unique compound formulation along with its significantly reduced reliance on acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene content, enables over 80% biodegradation within 90 days (ISO 14885), considerably reducing the long-term effects on the environment. ​


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