11 February 2020

Rain rain go away come again another day

With parts of the UK suffering from storm Ciara and facing snow, with more predicted to come, it is crucial to be prepared for working in wet and cold environments. Body heat needs to be retained, with fingertips being one of the first places to lose heat, we have put together a list of our favourite winter gloves.

Why is it important to stay warm?

Your comfort is not the only reason it is important to keep your temperature regulated. Freezing temperatures can cause a lot of damage, and in some cases it can be fatal.

Frostbite: This is serious as it can’t be reversed. The layers of skin and deeper tissue freeze, damaging the capillary walls and making the cells in the affected area sensitive and inflamed.

Chilblains: These are small itchy swellings on the skin. They most often affect the extremities, such as fingers, and are caused by bad circulation in the skin due to exposure to cold, damp conditions.

Hypothermia: This occurs when your body temperature drops below 35°C- blood is receptive to changes in temperature as small as 0.5°C, so a drop of around 2°C can be lethal. They symptoms will begin with shivering and progress to confusion, slurred speech and a slowing heart and respiratory rate.

Your perfect winter glove

To get an idea of the variety of different winter gloves we offer to protect in cold and wet conditions, check out some of our favourites below:

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