30 May 2016

Protection And Growth Go Hand-In-Hand

The start of another year often turns thoughts to what can be done differently over the coming 12 months to make life better or easier. Nowhere is this more true than in the business world.

As the financial outlook is set to improve, 2014 is likely to be a year of strong growth for many businesses. The British Chambers of Commerce forecasts the UK economy will grow 2.7% this year, the highest rate since 2007. Further, the trade group estimates that output will exceed pre-recession levels in the second half of the year. This is good news for business, but those looking to capitalise on this potential need their employees working effectively and minimise any absence caused by workplace injuries.

Therefore one New Year’s resolution all businesses should be making is looking to improve the well being of employees. By increasing staff safety and protection, employers can achieve a whole range of benefits, including improved worker satisfaction and greater productivity.

If your employees perform any kind of manual work then providing them with good hand protection is a great move. Ensuring appropriate gloves are being worn for the job is simple with the TraffiGlove traffic light system – TraffiSafe. By using red, amber and green colour-coded gloves, employees and supervisors can instantly see that the right protection is being used for any task.

To make life even easier in the workplace, posters showing what type of glove to use with what job are available.

Alongside the use of appropriate gloves it is also worth considering offering employees hand washing facilities along with a dermatological moisturiser to avoid dry and uncomfortable skin - ensuring a complete hand protection routine.

So, don’t let another New Year’s resolution get broken – act now to ensure your staff and business have a safe and productive 2014. Contact us here or call on +44 (0) 1344 207090 for more information.

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