7 January 2021

Product of the month- TV100

With the governments new ‘stay at home message’ and covid-19 case’s rising daily, Traffi is here to offer another level of protection.

TraffiViro, an anti-viral, anti-bacterial multi surface wet wipe, offers security from a huge range of germs keeping you and your family safe.


So why should you choose TraffiViro?

  • Large in size - more surface area per wipe to get the most out of cleaning
  • Effective against germs - with both 99.99% antiviral and 99.99% antibacterial protection
  • Long-lasting - unlike alcohol-based products that evaporate quickly, the TraffiViro residual barrier of protection lasts up to 24 hours against bacteria
  • Skin-safe - TraffiViro has been dermatologically tested, making it suitable for sensitive skin
  • Alcohol free- softer on your hands!
  • Food contact safe- No rinse required
  • Certified to 9 EN standards!  ( EN1500 bactericidal, EN1276 bactericidal, EN1650 yeasticidal, EN13697 bactericidal, EN13727 bacterial, EN14348 tuberculocidal, EN14476 virucidal, EN16777 virucidal, EN16615)

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What do our customers say?

The TV100 is hands down the best Hard Surface wipe that I have used over the past 12 months. I have also used it on my hands and it has caused no harm. The customers in which I have sold this product have also praised the product and will be looking to purchase more over the course of 2021. – Josh King, Site Safety


From our factory to you, take a look at our TraffiViro wipes journey:


Related Products

Traffi has also introduced another wipe to the hygiene range: TW040M. A proven multi surface virucidal disinfectant wipe with a broad-spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria & fungi.


  • Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses whilst being gentle on surfaces so they can be used all day, every day.
  • Can be used on any surface and are perfect for many environments, offices, schools and homes.
  • Non Woven Quality Wipe for single use, Embossed 45gsm Fabric
  • Certified in EU to EN1276, EN1650 and EN14476 (EN1276 – 5 minute and EN1650 – 15 minute)
  • Manufactured in EU
  • 40 Wipes

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