5 March 2021

Product of the month - TG5545

Our product of the month is the TG5545!

This is a cut level E impact glove, with a sandy nitrile foal palm dip and back of hand protection. The TG5545 impact glove has been specifically designed to offer protection to your hands, from any impact injury.

TG5545 action shot

Key features include:

  • Level E impact protection with unique Traffi design seamlessly welded to the liner - maximum impact protection and comfort.
  • Nitrile thumb crotch reinforcement - aids glove protection in this critical area and lengthen wear life.
  • Sandy nitrile foam palm dip - good durable grip for oily & wet conditions.
  • Great dexterity, comfort and durability.
  • Treatment to liner, making the glove water repellent

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Very comfortable to wear, right glove for correct job, very good hand protection, Sean Peniket, Actemium

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