21 April 2021

Product highlight - TG6240

This month the product highlight goes to...TG6240. Conforming to cut level E this glove has unrivalled levels of dexterity and comfort and is designed to last for long periods of time.

The MicroDex ultra coating and the Life Extending Technology makes the TG6240 perfect for high cut risk tasks in wet, dry and oily conditions. It also features a thumb crotch to further extend the wear-life of the glove. Reducing waste and costs!


  • LXT Engineering triple wrapped core for extra cut protection and a soft luxurious feel for the wearer
  • Hot contact resistance up to 100C
  • LXT treatment for water, oil and dirt resistance and reduced staining
  • Reinforced thumb crotch for enhanced longevity
  • A breathable 15gg liner, making the glove highly dexterous & tactile
  • Touchscreen compatible


You think this sounds good The TG6240 benefits don't stop there!

The LXT range is certified as carbon neutral. This means that at no extra cost, your LXT glove has zero negative impact on the environment, to the point of delivery.

Looking to reduce your negative impact on the environment