29 September 2020

New product! Introducing the TG5580

Traffi brings you another new and exciting product! The TG5580 is Traffi’s first leather glove providing protection against vegetation, thorns, and branches.

Why choose the TG5580

The TG5580 has a cut level D para-aramid cotton free liner, embossed leather palm, finger, and thumb section, offering abrasion and thorn protection. It features an extended cuff and wrist guard for further safety, contains twin needle abrasion resistant thread, and has been treated with oil block meaning it is waterproof! The TG5580 is perfect for wet, dry, hot, and cold conditions, offering protection in a wide range of conditions.

It is ideal for:

Rail – when carrying out off-the-track tasks and crossing renewals

Power - when clearing vegetation around power lines

Local authority - while carrying out tasks in the countryside, in parks, open spaces and when carrying out landscaping

Fire - whilst clearing areas of vegetation

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