14 March 2013

Mighty Long Lasting TraffiGloves

Once your workforce is wearing the right TraffiGlove you should find that they provide great value for money as well as great protection. This is because they are more resilient and longer lasting than gloves that are not up to the job.

But don’t just take our word for it!

According to Ricky James, an Assistant Engineer with NG Bailey, our MIGHTY TraffiGlove (product number TG300, AMBER, Cut Level 3) has taken longevity to new limits.

‘We issued one of our electricians with a pair of MIGHTY gloves on 24 November 2011 and he wore them every day to carry out electrical installation work on our new wing, from stripping out the old electrical services to installing all the new wiring and fitting out. We told him to come back for a replacement pair when his gloves reached the end of their serviceable life. And he did just that on 1 May 2012, over 5 months later!’

Ricky James, Assistant Engineer, NG Bailey

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