23 March 2021

Meet Heidi Lawson

👋Meet Heidi Lawson …

Heidi joined the Traffi team 2 and a half years ago as an executive assistant! She loves working at Traffi as she says “It’s an energetic and fun team to be a part of, always helping and looking out for each other. It’s exciting to work somewhere that is at the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability, and we are striving to make a tangible positive impact in everything that we do.”

In her spare time, you can find Heidi working on photography, growing cacti and succulents, playing the cello, or going on long walks at the seafront!

We asked Heidi what her favourite Traffi glove was: TGL711! With it’s touchscreen capability and HeiQ Viroblock coating to protect against germs it’s the way forward and a great innovation from Traffi.