18 June 2021

Meet Euan Lancaster

👋Meet Euan Lancaster

Euan is a corporate account manager and is one of the newer members at team Traffi, starting his journey with us 4 months ago. Euan's favourite things to do (after much deliberation) are discovering new areas of the countryside, cooking on the BBQ and trying new and exquisite gins- cheers!

We asked him why Traffi? “Firstly, because we are leading the way in sustainable PPE by being carbon neutral and secondly just having a great team and culture”.
What's Euan's favourite Traffi glove? “I have to say that every glove in the Traffi range is the best – bespoke and unique to the task at hand”.

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Looking to review your hand protection? or have a hand protection challenge?
Then Euan is your man

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