25 February 2020

Keep the gloves on!

Some might say, “I don’t need to wear safety gloves” or “they stop me from being able to perform my task effectively”, however not wearing safety gloves can lead to serious injuries, with over 70% of hand injuries occurring when the individual is not wearing gloves. Given this frightening statistic we are going to try and persuade you why it is so crucial you wear your safety gloves! Below we have five benefits to wearing safety gloves:

  1. Prevents punctures and needle injections

There are hardly any industries where cuts and punctures aren’t a risk. With 40% of all hand injuries reported to be cuts or punctures, take a look at our selection of gloves to ensure you don’t become another statistic.

  1. Prevents loss of fingers or hands

This benefit speaks for itself…

  1. Provides protection from chemical burn and injuries

Whenever there are chemicals being handled there is a risk of chemical burn or other injuries. Our TG1080 gloves have a unique blended compound combining good fit and strength with great permeation protection.

  1. Protects against temperature changes

Safety gloves can help protect you when working in wet and cold environments. Your comfort is not the only reason it is important to keep your temperature regulated. Freezing temperatures can cause a lot of damage and in some cases it can be fatal. Frostbite, chilblains and hypothermia are some of the conditions which can occur if you are not correctly protected. Take a look at our winter gloves, to ensure you stay warm and dry.

  1. Prevents absorption of hazardous substances and infection from biological substances

It is important to wear gloves when working with hazardous chemicals and other materials because they protect our hands from infection and contamination. Protective gloves should be selected based on the hazards involved.

Hopefully we have managed to convince you why wearing your safety gloves is so important you can view our full range of gloves here!