7 September 2016

Keep Seasonal Staff Safe With PPE Gloves

As we approach the busy seasonal period, many businesses are planning and preparing to meet the increases in demand.  Both manufacturing and shipping of products rises over Christmas which often means businesses hire extra temporary staff to support their permanent employees.

This year, online retail giant Amazon is hiring an additional 13,000 seasonal workers in the UK alone.  On it’s busiest day last year, customers made 4.1 million orders averaging at 47 items per second. The Royal Mail is also looking to hire an additional 19,000 extra staff for Christmas this year, and Argos is recruiting 10,000 seasonal workers.

Understanding the additional responsibilities companies and staff face during this time, we’ve put together some key points to help you keep additional employees safe:

Inductions and training

Temporary staff have the same rights as permanent employees so ensure they have an in-depth induction and are provided with PPE.

Continued compliance

Frequent reiterations of key safety information should take place as well as using visual aids such as posters around the workplace and in rest areas too.

Young workers

With more time available over the holiday period, younger staff are often brought on to cover additional demand. Staff that are new to the working environment are often more likely to take risks or undertake physical work so it’s important to make sure their safety is carefully considered. Read more advice on young workers here.

Non-English speaking staff

For some temporary employees, English isn’t their native language. Bilingual staff can be a huge asset to your company as well as translated safety messages and posters.

TraffiGlove’s colour-coded gloves not only mean that supervisors can see at a glance if staff are wearing the right gloves for the task but is an easy and clear system for staff to adopt quickly. At TraffiGlove we can also provide you with a range of posters in various languages, please contact us for more information.

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