4 November 2015

How We're The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread For Ginsters

Ginsters is a Cornish company with a world-wide reputation for its meat pasties, pies and pastries. Many of their factory employees are required to do high cut-risk tasks such as dicing meat and changing pastry cutters, so they wanted to find suitably protective gloves that offered sufficient dexterity for this kind of precision work and could be worn under Food Safe rubber gauntlets when cutting meat.

Which TraffiGloves and why?

Ginsters uses TG384 X Tend (Cut Level 3) which has an extended cuff for added protection over and beyond the wrist and TG562 Dynamic (Cut Level 5), a very comfortable glove that enables even the finest tasks to be completed with the highest level of protection.

The TG384 X Tend has since been replaced by the TG584 Sentry.

The amber gloves with the long cuffs seem to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Tom Birch, Hygiene Facilitator, Ginsters, UK

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