25 November 2015

How We Saved $60K In 6 Months For All Weather Windows

All Weather Windows is Canada’s largest privately owned window and door manufacturer, so they handle a lot of glass. Unfortunately they were also getting through a lot of different safety gloves. The situation on the manufacturing line in particular was ‘out of control’, with everyone using one or two pairs a day if not more. The management team determined to find safety gloves that would deliver all the necessary protection but last significantly longer. Enter TraffiGlove.

Which TraffiGloves and why?

They chose TG122 Agile for general handling, assembly and packing work and TG535 Secure (Cut Level 5) for work on the glass manufacturing line (the ‘glass line’).

The difference was immediate – and impressive. The TG535 Secure gloves are lasting 2-3 days on the glass line (compared to less than a day for the previous gloves) and the Agile gloves are only being replaced when the wearers decide they are too dirty or smelly (after 2 or more weeks) rather than because they have worn out!  So, just as they had hoped, all of the safety angles are covered but they are using far fewer gloves – and saving a considerable amount of money. The TG535 Secure gloves alone are saving the company the equivalent of $6.50 each, and in just six months the total savings have reached $60,000.

TraffiGlove has been more than helpful in helping us transition to their glove system. They are also now actively helping us create gloves specific to our industry and going over and above to ensure the correct gloves are being used. Very easy to work with and would highly recommend to other companies.

Julie Manuel Capacity Planning (Corporate Projects) All Weather Windows Alberta, Canada

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