10 June 2016

How We Impressed The American Space Agency, NASA

NASA is the world-famous government agency behind America’s space programme. TraffiGlove has been supplying NASA with TraffiGloves since February 2012 after the agency contacted us to find out more about our intriguing advertising claims!

Which TraffiGloves and why?

NASA is currently using TG122 Agile (Cut Level 1), TG315 Action (Cut Level 3) and TG562 Dynamic (Cut Level 5) for engineering tasks.

I am meticulous about getting the right product for the right people, and so far I have been pleased with TraffiGlove. The company has always impressed, and delivered brilliant service. We have used other products before, but wanted to try TraffiGloves to see how they lived up to their advertising claims for quality and protection. So far we’ve had no injuries and I’m getting good responses from the staff.

Monico Cunanen Safety Engineer NASA USA

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