12 November 2015

How We Cut Hand Accidents By 50% For Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is an energy management company that focuses on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green. So it has a lot in common with TraffiGlove, because these are the same goals we have for our own products!

The company was concerned at how many hand cuts were being reported by workers and moved to TraffiGloves in an effort to reduce the number of injuries.

When we introduced the TraffiGloves it refocused attention on hand safety. There was a definite behavioural shift, with people remembering about and adopting safer working practices. In 2012, our first year of specifying TraffiGloves, we saw a 50% reduction in the number of hand cuts reported compared to the previous year. We are delighted to know we have made the job safer for our employees. Needless to say, TraffiGloves are now enshrined in our new hand protection policy.

Paul Lloyd Regulatory Compliance Manager Schneider Electric UK & Ireland

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