13 August 2020

How to get your workers to wear their gloves

Here at Traffi we understand that it can be difficult to get your workers to wear their gloves, even in some of the most dangerous working conditions. With 70% of hand injuries occurring when safety gloves have been removed, we have put together some ways to help persuade your workers to KEEP THEIR GLOVES ON and stay safe.

One of the main factors is the hassle, if something is inconvenient workers will merely dismiss it, choosing not to protect themselves from potential hazards. Together we have a duty to ensure wearing safety gloves is made simple, reducing the amount of hand injuries occurring in the workplace. At Traffi HQ we are all about being simple but effective, that is why we created the colour-coded safety glove system (RED, AMBER, GREEN). This makes it easy for workers to identify which cut level the glove is (RED, AMBER, GREEN) and relates to the safety glove performance, measured against the EN388 test for cut resistance. Our system is so effortless that users from around the globe understand what cut level protection each glove is at just a glance. With this simple, easy to understand, visual system we are helping employees to choose suitable protection for whatever their job requires them to do.

Another major reason workers don’t put on their safety gloves is because they are uncomfortable, and not dexterous enough for the task in hand. We pride ourselves on producing high quality gloves which keep workers safe but comfortable, this is why all our gloves have a seamless liner for ultimate comfort. We also endeavour to provide the highest dexterity, without compromising the protection. This helps to ensure detailed tasks can be completed with ease and accuracy. Some options of our gloves with the best dexterity include: TG1220, TG3240 and TG5010.

A lot of workers also face the issue of having to remove their gloves to use touchscreen devices during working hours, and then forgetting to put them back on, which significantly increases their chance of a hand injury. Traffi is dedicated to protecting workers hands in any situation, which is why we have developed a range of touchscreen gloves: TG6240, TG5340, TG5310, TG6010, and NGT1290, to ensure you are kept safe in every situation.

Alongside this we strongly suggest you educate your employees on the importance of PPE in the workplace and the potential impacts of not keeping yourself safe. Knowing the potential risks of a hand injury to one’s self and the business can significantly increase the chance of your workers wearing their PPE.