28 June 2016

How Our Choice Of Styles Pleased Pepper Construction

Pepper Construction is a general contracting and construction management firm serving private companies in a broad range of market sectors. The company ranks ‘safety’ as its top priority for employees and subcontractors and this is demonstrated by its impressive safety record, which is well above the national industry standard.

Which TraffiGloves and why?

Pepper Indiana has been using a selection of TraffiGloves for different tasks, including TG562 Dynamic (Cut Level 5) for heavy demolition work and TG315 Action (Cut Level 3) for general construction tasks.

Pepper Indiana has found TraffiGloves to be a great addition to our PPE program. We introduced the gloves on a trial basis and found that overwhelmingly our team preferred the TraffiGloves. It is particularly appealing to see the variety of styles for different levels of cut protection. The colour coding gives our folks a quick visual reference that the correct selection has been made for their hazard exposure.

Dave Murphy Safety Director Pepper Construction Company Indiana, USA

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