19 November 2016

GEA Searle Reduce Hand Injuries By 70%

GEA Searle (now Kelvion) is a manufacturing plant in Fareham that designs and builds air-conditioning and refrigeration units.  The health and safety team identified hand injuries as a key area for improvement.

When researching a solution to their hand accidents, Searle discovered TraffiGlove and were impressed by both the level of support offered and the simple colour-coded TraffiSafe System.

Following the roll-out of TraffiGlove to the entire workforce, Searle were delighted to find their hand accident statistics reducing.  After the first six months their hand injuries had reduced by a massive 70%.

Red gloves, such as the TG122 Agile and TG170 Control, offer a low level of cut protection. They are used in low risk areas such as finishing and product assembly. The red colour provides a visual warning to both the worker and the health and safety team.

Where workers face possible hand cut risks, amber products like the TG320 Forte provide excellent dexterity and medium cut protection. The amber colour serves as a reminder to ‘be aware’ of cut risks.

Where there is a high risk of cut accidents, for example handling swarf or sheet metal on the metal pressing machine, the workers are provided with green gloves that offer a high level of cut protection. The colour indicates that they are ‘safe to go’.

Not only has the TraffiSafe system proved successful in reducing accidents by 70%, but the workforce also enjoy wearing the products!  We spoke to some of the assembly shop engineers about what they think of TraffiGlove products.

You can handle metalwork safely without the risk of cutting yourself, I like that protection. The products are very comfortable and dexterous which means you can get a good feel of what you are handling. The gloves have good long cuffs to provide wrist protection. We used to get a lot of cuts, but obviously we are not getting many cuts now.

Safety Manager GEA Searle Fareham, UK


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