28 February 2018

EN 388:2016 Working with the TraffiSystem

The world of hand safety is ever evolving

Safety professionals are constantly trying to find new ways to keep workers better protected and reduce injuries in the workplace.  The latest statistics released by HSE states that workplace injuries cost the UK £5.3 Billion and with hand injuries making up 40% of this, it's crucial to strive for continuous improvement.  

In November 2016 a new version of EN 388 was published. For safety gloves created with materials designed to have a blunting effect on blades, additional cut protection tests must now be carried out and verified.  EN ISO 13997 determines the resistance of the safety glove by applying the fabric with great force in a single movement, a more realistic representation of what happens in real life situations. 

TraffiGlove compliance to new standard

Download en 388:2016 pdf guide for more info

All change

Cogs are in motion and we’ve already begun the process of transitioning our gloves from cut levels 1-5 to A-F. However, this process will take time as there is no correlation between test methods.  During the next 12 months, all current EN 388:2003 TraffiGlove products will be carefully reviewed and made compliant to the 2016 standard.   We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on any such changes or when new exciting products enter our range, taking cut levels to new heights.

Please note until 2023, the old coupe test EN 388:2003 products are still valid, and although importing will stop from April 2019, they may still be available in the market place. 

The metric range

Our Metric Range is the first complete set of RED, AMBER, GREEN gloves on the market to comply with the new EN 388:2016 standard. 

For more information on each gloves click on the thumbnail. Available for purchase now.

For more understanding on how the new standard works please download our guide or contact us.


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