14 May 2020

Covid-19 update- we are fully operational and well stocked

As the lockdown continues, there is still uncertainty over stock availability. Borders remain shut and delivery backlogs seem to be growing daily.

Traffi are fully operational and well stocked.

Since January, we have increased inventory levels by 10-15% to ensure a continuous supply of goods. We have leveraged our high-trust supplier relationships to safeguard product availability and ensure that there are no issues in our supply chain. If products do become unavailable, we can offer viable alternatives.

Whilst our stocks are strong, we would encourage you to place orders as soon as possible to secure the products that your customers need to continue to do their jobs safely.

Drop us an email or pick up the phone to get in touch.
sales@traffiglove.com • 01344 207090
We're here to help, let's do business.

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