17 April 2020

Coronavirus update

At Traffi, we want you to know that we're here and we're ready to help.


We want to be able to support you and your business through this storm. Whether you have concerns about the supply chain, worries about juggling work and home life, or just need someone to talk to - Traffi are here.

If you have concerns over the ability of your supply chain to get the correct hand protection to your key projects, don't worry - Traffi are well stocked & fully operational. Please take a look below at how we are fulfilling our customer's needs during the Coronavirus outbreak: 

• We are open and operational for business as usual. We have a good stock of products and look to continue our existing service levels to our customers until further notice

• We are taking our staff’s health and safety seriously. Our IT software enables staff to work from home and perform their roles effectively as required.  Our despatch team will continue to operate from our warehouse

• Whilst the Customer Service Desk remains operational at all times, we encourage customers to use email and order online if possible.  Should you need to speak with one of the Team please call on the usual contact number 01344 207090

• We have paused all customer and supplier face to face meetings unless essential. Instead, we collaborate via online meetings and Zoom

• Since January we have increased inventory levels by 10-15% to ensure a continuous supply of goods to customers. Where products could become unavailable, a viable alternative will be offered

• Leveraging high trust supplier relationships, our product and purchasing team are collaborating daily with supply chain on any products that may be affected in coming months. We need to all prepare for availability disruption throughout the forthcoming months and encourage our customers to place orders as soon as possible

• Under the current situation, we are striving to uphold every SLA we hold with our customers. However, as we are all aware there are many influences outside anyone’s control that could directly impact this

Thank you for your continued custom and support.

Keep positive, stay safe, and together we will beat Coronavirus!

Did you know that our LXT range is fully washable? You don't have to remove your gloves to keep your hands clean!



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