4 February 2020

Coronavirus- update and potential impacts

Coronavirus- update and potential impacts

The spread of the Coronavirus has now been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organisation. This virus is a major concern, particularly for China, where some provinces and multiple companies have announced they will be closing, currently for a minimum of three to four weeks. This will inevitably create a large backlog and impact on suppliers outside of the affected zones. There may be further delay due to a "return to work" process, however we are in contact with our manufacturing teams with regular updates.

Reducing the impact

Due to the fact our main factory is located in Sri Lanka, we are not solely reliant on China for production. This means we are able to take a variety of steps to reduce the prospect that your orders will be impacted by the Coronavirus. We also hold a quantity of raw materials, which we will use to avoid waiting for Chinese raw materials and we are increasing our stock levels to ensure we can meet your demands with as little interuption as possible. 

Orders and concerns

If you have any concerns about specific orders you have placed with us, please contact us and we will ensure you are kept informed regarding the status of your order. 


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