14 February 2017

Can Your Hands Cope In The Cold?

Outdoor workers have a lot to contend with during winter months including ice, snow, rain and general freezing conditions. Due to this, employers should always ensure they supply their workers with PPE which keeps them warm and protected from the elements.

Thermal gloves should be worn if a worker is exposed to temperatures below 4C. Such gloves should provide warmth and water-resistant protection in addition to good grip and flexibility.


TraffiGlove is committed to keeping you safe and warm during the winter months with our Thermic range of safety gloves. These are flexible, comfortable single layer winter ready gloves with X-Dura Latex matt finish palm coating for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions.

You can view our Thermic range here.

Make sure your business is prepared and protected – whatever the weather. Get in contact with us today at either info@traffiglove.com or +44 1344 207090. 

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