9 July 2020

Best gloves for the waste and recycling industry

Best gloves for the waste and recycling industry

At Traffi we understand the dangers and risks involved in working in the waste and recycling industry, with reports suggesting around 3.4% of waste and recycling workers sustain a workplace injury. This is statistically significantly higher than the rate for workers across all other industries. 28% of these injuries were from handling or lifting (Waste statistics in Great Britain, 2019), re-iterating the importance of having the correct safety gloves for the task in hand.

Below we have put together some of our favourite gloves for the waste and recycling industry, to help keep you protected and reduce the chance of hand injuries.


TG1240 in action

The TG1240 is part of our LXT range which means this glove has a tripped wrapped core for enhanced durability, comfort and breathability. With a MicroDex palm dipped coating and reinforced thumb crotch for longevity and abrasion resistance this glove is great for the waste and recycling industry.



NGT1060 in action

Next up we have the NGT1060, this glove is fully coated to ensure it is waterproof, the palm dip offers enhanced grip and excellent abrasion resistance. With a generous knit wrist for added comfort and a secure fit to protect hands from dirt and debris this is a highly recommended glove.



TG5060 in action

The TG5060 features in our fully dipped, water resistance range. It displays a knit wrist for comfort and to shield your hands from dirt and debris, the glove also has a nitrile foam palm for enhanced grip in wet and oily conditions, and with excellent abrasion and tare resistance this glove is guaranteed to keep your hand comfortable but safe.



TG5570 in action

The TG5570 has a double dipped coating with a full dip flat latex followed by a black sandy latex palm dip, providing thermal and water resistance even on the wrist. Along with a single liner for ultimate comfort and dexterity and a high cut resistance this glove will keep your hands safe.



TG5545 in action

Finally, we have the TG5545, it boasts a level E cut resistance liner providing 360 protection, level P impact protection which is seamlessly welded to the liner, and a sandy nitrile foam palm dip for oily and wet conditions. Together with a reinforced thumb crotch this glove is ideal for the waste and recycling industry.