2 July 2020

Benefits of touchscreen gloves

Cut level E TG6240 safety gloves handling metal guttering

At Traffi, we have a range of gloves which are touchscreen compatible. Below, we’ll go through some of the benefits of using touchscreen gloves while still keeping your hands safe.

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Touchscreen devices are a staple in our everyday lives, so it’s vital that our hand protection works for us rather than against us. Touchscreen compatible gloves allow you to keep working smoothly and not waste any time taking gloves off to use your device. You can stay connected wherever and whatever you are doing. Studies show that 70% of hand injuries occur when no gloves are being worn, this means that every time you remove your gloves to use a touchscreen device you are significantly increasing your chances of a hand injury.


Our first recommendation is the TG6240. A cut level E glove from our LXT range, the TG6240 is popular in a range of industries from rail to construction. This glove has a reinforced thumb crotch for longevity, is hot contact resistant up to 100ᵒC, and has a breathable 15gg liner offering high levels of dexterity. This is a highly recommended touchscreen-compatible glove.  

Safety glove used with touchscreen device


Secondly, we have the TG5340. The strong gripping properties of the nitrile foam coating make this the perfect glove for wet, dry and oily conditions. TG5340 also has a superfine gauge and a close-fitting, breathable liner making it highly comfortable and dexterous while maintaining durability and tear resistance.

Safety glove being used with touchscreen device


Next up we have the TG5310. Designed for precise engineering tasks with a high cut risk, this glove is coated in a thin but durable PU coating allowing for a dry grip and excellent dexterity. The seamlessly knitted liner allows for comfort, ease of use and, breathability.

Safety glove being used with hacksaw


Another option is our TG6010. A fine gauge, PU coated glove, with the highest-level cut protection according to EN388:2016. The TG6010 combines comfort, dexterity, and flexibility with high levels of protection against injury.

Safety glove being used with device


Finally, we have the NGT1290, a super lightweight, highly tactile, touchscreen compatible glove with a luxury 21gg liner which is dirt and abrasion-resistant. Innovative PUD lining offers great tactility and a fantastic dry grip, brought together with comfort and quality this is a highly recommended glove.    

Safety glove performing task

Overcoming Objections

By offering gloves that work with phones and tablets, you’ll be overcoming another objection to wearing gloves and ensuring that your workforce as are safe as they can be, whilst being able to do the practical aspects of their job with minimal impact.

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