20 October 2015

Are You Ready For Winter?

Britain is all set for a sustained period of exceptionally cold weather this winter according to UK Weather Forecast Ltd, leading to headlines such as “Snow forecast for another winter of chaos” in our national newspapers.

With predicted weather patterns likely to cause lengthy cold periods, now is the time for businesses to get prepared. All to often companies are caught out when sudden changes in temperature lead to huge demand for the products that will enable them to continue business as usual. Forward thinking leaders are already making sure that their workers will be kept warm, dry and, most importantly, safe in the coming months.

Protecting workers hands is vital in the colder months as cold, wet hands are more susceptible to HAVS when circulation is reduced. The TG105 TraffiTherm glove can be worn inside any other TraffiGlove and provide the extra warmth required through it’s Thermalite yarns. If working in exceptionally wet conditions then your workers should wear the TG180, a fully coated water resistant glove.

Make sure your business is prepared and protected – whatever the weather.

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