3 October 2019


Three exposed fingertip cut level C TG5220 safety gloves being used with a touchscreen phone

We take for granted that we’re able to instantly connect with people and with information. We can look things up at a moment’s notice. You want to know what time the football match starts? Or which film won best Oscar in 2014? A couple of taps and you’ll know. You can message your mates a funny image, call you mum, check Facebook, send an email. Immediately and easily.

For most people, having their phone readily available is a given- if you’ve ever left your phone at home, or even on your desk, you’ll be familiar with that little moment of panic. So if there’s something coming between you and your phone, it can be really frustrating.

If safety gloves are vital for the well-being of your workforce, you’ll understand their irritation at having to take their gloves off in order to use a phone or a tablet. As we move into winter, this becomes even more of a hassle. It makes it very unappealing to wear the glove in the first place.  

Within technology becoming increasingly important, touchscreen compatible gloves help to address the demand for:

  • Making and answering calls during the work day
  • Sending emails
  • Inputting data or noting down information in real time


Human beings are all able to store an electric charge. Most smartphones these days are filled with sensors that are able to detect an electric charge. Your fingertip making contact with the screen of your phone completes a circuit. The action that you’re trying to perform, whether that’s opening an app or a text or typing in a phone number, will happen at the point on the screen that you are touching. The point where the circuit is completed.

The problem is that normal gloves act as a barrier between the electricity in your body and the sensors in your screen. To get past this, the fingertips of touchscreen gloves need to use a yarn that contains a conductive material which will allow the electricity to go through the fabric and get to your screen.

On many touchscreen compatible gloves, surface contamination and wear on poorly prepared gloves with limited initial conductivity meal that they will not stop touchscreen compatible for very long. To combat this, we engineer our yarn to include a consistent level of conductive yarn additives. This ensures that the electrical conductive properties cover a great surface area and are consistent throughout – simply put, our gloves work with touchscreens time and time again!


70% of hand injuries occur when a worker is not wearing gloves. By offering gloves that work with phones and tablets, you’ll be overcoming another objection to wearing gloves and ensuring that your workforce as are safe as they can be, whilst being able to do the practical aspects of their job with minimal impact.

TG6240, TG5340, TG5310, TG6010 & NGT1290 make up our current range of touchscreen compatible safety gloves.

If you're having issues with workers removing their gloves whilst on the job so that they can use their phones, we'd love to talk! Get in touch with one of our hand protection specialists today to discuss your needs.

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