11 August 2020

7 Mistakes When Choosing Work Safety Gloves

Sticking with Old Gloves

It’s common knowledge that most people don’t like change, we often hear that people are happy to keep using the same old gloves they have always used, whether they are effectively protecting the work force or not. Sticking with old gloves potentially means you are not providing your workforce with the best gloves that have been adapted and evolved for maximum comfort and protection.

Here at Traffi we are constantly innovating and striving to provide the best most up-to-date hand wear protection. We understand that as technology advances, we need to respond to this and endeavour to provide the best hand protection to keep everyone safe.

Picking a Glove without a Hazard Assessment

Choosing a glove without a hazard assessment is one of the biggest mistakes made. Without having a full understanding of the risks involved in your workforce’s job role’s you cannot effectively choose the correct safety glove. You may base your choice on past accidents within the workplace without thinking about others risks which have not yet come to light.

Picking a Glove without Running Sample Trials with Actual Workers

With 70% of hand injuries occurring when gloves are removed it is essential that the workforce feel comfortable and able to complete their job while wearing their safety gloves. A sample trial enables you to gain vital feedback form your workforce on how they feel the gloves are. Ensuring the workers are happy with the gloves significantly reduces the chance of hand injuries and also guarantees that you won’t end up with hundreds of unused gloves.

Letting Workers Choose Their Own Gloves with No Oversight

Although gaining staff feedback is essential it is all to easy to give your workforce too much control over the choice of safety gloves. If this is the case it may result in the company buying a huge range of different gloves. This not only gets confusing, but is also highly expensive and not effective in protection as staff do not have the expertise to choose the correct glove for the task.

Relying on a Distributor Instead of Talking Directly to Experts at a Glove Company

Relying on a distributor to provide you with expert hand advice is not always the best option. Distributors are there simply to sell you the gloves, they aren’t hand protection specialists, however here at Traffi we are. We can provide you with the best advice for any situation or concern you may have regarding hand safety.

Focusing on Your Legal Liability Instead of Your Workers’ Safety

If you are revolving your purchase of safety gloves around your legal liability instead of your worker safety, you are not going to make the right choices. Fact is that when you don’t think about your workers you are more likely going to choose a glove which is going to provide as much protection as possible, but that is potentially more uncomfortable. This will result in workers removing their gloves and then increasing the risk of a hand injury occurring. Understanding and appreciating your staff’s feedback is essential.

Thinking “One Person, One Pair of Gloves”

“One person, one pair of gloves” has never worked, the workforce is constantly encountering a range of different risks throughout the day as they change and start new tasks. This means that ideally if there is a new task there is a new pair of gloves to ensure they are constantly kept safe.

We are here to help

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