What is the TraffiSystem?


The colour coded TraffiSystem is an innovative, proven and easy way to ensure your workforce is wearing an appropriate level of protection for the task in hand. The traffic safety glove colour coding (RED, AMBER, GREEN) relates to the safety glove’s performance on the EN388 test for cut resistance.

The RED safety gloves are low cut resistance. The red colour signifies a warning to the worker to ensure they are wearing enough cut protection for the task they are completing. 

The AMBER gloves are a medium cut protection, which makes them an ideal choice for second fix construction trades, mechanical and electrical trades, steel fixing and handling materials with sharp edges. 

The GREEN work gloves are higher cut performance, making them the right choice for higher cut risk tasks such as handling sheet metal. The colour GREEN provides the internationally-recognised confirmation that it is ‘safe to go’ when there is a higher risk of cuts.


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Help is at hand

Thanks to Traffi, you can see at a glance and from a distance if your employees or colleagues are suitably protected. If you see someone wearing RED Traffi gloves, while sweeping up broken glass, for example, you can immediately alert them to the risk and insist that GREEN safety gloves are worn.

Traffi gives you the ultimate two in one. A Safety System that reduces hand injuries and saves you money.

You can find the TraffiSystem Leaflet in our 'download' section.

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